Cutting-Shredding-Theoretical Principles Behind Choosing the Best Anabolics for Fat-Loss and Controlling Estrogen Correctly with SERMs, Anti-Aromatase Drugs, and other Ancillaries

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Cutting-Shredding Body-Fat

One of the best ways to get lean is to increase your muscle mass. The more mass on your body, the easier it will be to burn calories and create a deficit which will force your body to pull from its fat stores. An interesting note about body-fat or what scientists like to call, “adipocytes”, is that adipocytes like aromatase. They house it and help produce it. Does that mean the fatter you are, the more estrogen your body will convert from the anabolic steroids you use? Probably.

In any case, body-fat and estrogen are good buddies. We want to disrupt their relationship as much as possible so that we can get both of them to move out of our space. Our rental space where we keep our shredded muscle and veins. After all, muscle just doesn’t look as good when it has layers of fat and water over it. No veins, no sharp division between muscle groups, no abs, no girls and no head turns.

Fat-loss is something I know a tremendous deal about, from both background knowledge from school and applied knowledge on myself, hundreds of clients, and many friends. Fat loss with the aid of juice is something I know even more about.

Alright friends, how do we use juice to help us get shredded. Well, continuing with our point from above about estrogen and body-fat, we want to create an environment and metabolism that has very little of both. Enter non-aromatizing anabolic steroids. Here are your primary choices:


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Secondary choices (these drugs sometimes aromatize slightly depending on your genes, but usually not enough to make them inefficient dieting drugs)




The possible drug combinations for a legitimate cutting cycle are numerous. One of the best ways to go about a good cutting cycle is to plan out the weeks ahead. If you are a competitive physique athlete, you know how to do this, if you aren’t this might be a little new.

You can keep some drugs in the program that do aromatize. At least, in the beginning. Lets say you plan on dieting for ten weeks. For the first four, you can still use aromatizing anabolics. You won’t know for sure until you’ve attempted to get lean with drugs a few times over. The less prone you are to estrogenic side affects and water bloat, the longer you can use aromatizing drugs in your cutting arsenal.

If you are very susceptible to these effects, you will have to use non-aromatizing androgens for the entire course along with anti-estrogens in order to maximize the rate and extent of your fat-loss. Nobody wants slow fat loss. Especially when dieting strictly and correctly. We are battling hormones as well as general calories.

In many cases where people have difficulty with estrogen, they have difficulty with fat loss. Whether you are susceptible or not, here is the quickest way to lose body-fat with the assistance of anabolic steroids.

Before we get to the fun stuff, I have to say the diet is precedent over all else. Nutrition is key to getting shredded and it has nothing to do with eating “healthy”. I will soon have my ebook on fat loss, “The Ultimate Fat Loss Truth” up on this site for sale. It details getting lean for the general fitness enthusiast to the more advanced individual.

It is not particularly for anabolics users, but the nutritional advice is excellent. If you have ever been frustrated with lack of dieting progress with or without anabolics, this book is guaranteed to help you greatly. I have many juice bag buddies who use all kinds of stuff and never get cut.

They try all these garbage theories they read from sources lacking credibility and never seem to change their bodies. The friends that listen get shredded, the ones that don’t, don’t. My goal is to help you to avoid frustration and get whatever you want from your physique with the aid of anabolics.

Okay, fun stuff. First, you need to find your ant-estrogens. I would use at least two, one from each main category, even if you do not typically struggle with water and estrogen while juicing.


My recommendations are proviron, and arimidex if you are not susceptible, and if you are, proviron and nolvadex.

The difference is that both proviron and arimidex will wipe out the aromatase enzyme where nolvadex occupies the receptor site and blocks the estrogen molecules from hooking up with the receptor. Please see the anti-estrogen page. If you are susceptible, you always have a decent amount of estrogen floating around and you will need a drug that immediately blocks estrogen from wreaking havoc on your physique-nolvadex.

If you are not susceptible, you just want to make sure that whatever little estrogen you have in your system stays low to non-existent. You do this by taking anti-estrogens that kill the maker of estrogen, the aromatase enzyme. Arimidex is excellent for binding up this enzyme.

As a side note the newer (although they've been around for years in Europe), legal anti-estrogens on the market are excellent so far. I have tried a few of them and I have yet to be disappointed. The 4-hydroxyandrostendione is excellent. You can find it in the product “Formadrol” by Legal Gear. I do not have any endorsements on this site yet so you can trust my professional opinion. I would’t tell you to use something that doesn’t work well anyway, that is one reason I have created this site.

Seriously, there are legitimate studies on the stuff. If you look it up on the internet you will find many medical references to this substance in use to treat breast cancer in many other countries. The stuff is good and non-toxic. There are a few other brands but I do not know them off the top of my head. I will write an update page on all the newer, legal anti-estrogens I feel worth mentioning in a web page very soon. Just have to find the time fellas.

Okay, we have our anti-estrogens in place, back to juice. Trenbolone is great. As potent as test and no estrogen or water. Great retention of your hard eared strength and muscle mass as well. Just over 200mg a week of any form should do it. Over 400mg would be unnecessary. Tren usually comes in 75mg strength, give or take a few milligrams. So you will need a minimum of three cc’s a week and upwards of five.

Equipoise is great at around 400mg a week if you are not susceptible to estrogenic effects. With the previous mentioned anti-estrogens, you will probably not have to worry. The EQ adds a nice vascularity enhancing component to your cycle. Your veins should come out more and more as you get lean and will be accentuated by the EQ. The nitrogen retaining affect will also help protect your muscle tissue as you add more cardio and decrease your calories.

Anavar works great to aid in strength retention. The more strength you retain while dieting, the less muscle you lose. Anavar has also been shown in studies to specifically aid fat-loss from the intra-abdominal region. It is also associated with an increase in cholesterol profile, raising your HDLs (good cholesterol) and lowering your LDLs (bad cholesterol). Don’t forget the creatine phosphate storage effect of the anavar. This will help keep your muscle bellies a little more full so that you don’t have that flat muscle look as you decrease your carbs. Anavar is a little tough to find sometimes but it is worth it. A decently high dose is needed to get this affect when dieting. At least 15mg and preferably between 20-30mg per day while dieting.

Oral winstrol is great when dieting if you can afford to take enough. Around 30-50mg per day will greatly enhance your body’s ability to retain muscle at the expense of burning body-fat. Realize, I did not say winstrol will burn body-fat. It will help shift your metabolism in favor of fat-loss. If you diet well and do your cardio, the winstrol will aid your body in allowing the deficit of calories to only be pulled from fat, and not muscle.

Realize that there are two orals in this dieting regimen. This is just an example. You can pick any number of combos. Just be sure to give it thought by way of drug mechanism of action, and interaction (synergy) as we’ve said before. The above example is a great cutting regimen for general purposes. Two orals ran together at a sane dosage for ten weeks once or twice a year should be fine on your liver, as long as you are respecting your liver the rest of the year. I am not talking about those who go out drinking three nights a week while trying to get lean. If you are going to do this at all, reserve your liver for filtering drugs that have a purpose. Remember that this is hypothetical and for information purposes only.

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