What does this have to do with my training?

Decreased pain and stiffness in the treated muscles and joints - often after a single 8-10 minute session. Increased range of motion and improved overall mobility.

What in the World is the 830 Laser?

The 830 laser is a "Cold" laser wavelength device that holds tremendous benefit for anyone with stagnant, chronic, old, lingering (yes they all mean the same thing but old weight training related pains are a bitch) injuries of any magnitude from all the years of putting our bodies through tons stress and strain from resistance training.

The laser seems to work best on old injuries that have been around a long time and have never fully healed. The ability for the laser to penetrate muscle, tendon, and connective tissue works wonders at the junctions (musculotendinous junctions)where nutrient rich blood is often diminished or non-existent.

Many people who have used the laser including myself have described "warmth", "heat", "tingling" in the treated area while the laser is working. It makes sense that the improved dilation (vasodilation) of injured areas previously deprived of oxygen and nutrients would create these type of sensations. And they often do. It is like you know the healing is happening...

What is it?

The 830 laser is one of the few lasers with a wavelength that has clinical research backing up its efficacy (it works!). the laser type itself is categorized as a "Cold" laser because there is no heat involved with the treatment.

It is about the size of a medium MAG flashlight and has a single on off button. The "head" of the laser device (imagine the flashlight) is pressed flush against the affected area and cycles for 33 pulses of "Cold" beams into the tissue. The laser is then rotated 60-90 degrees for another 33 second cycle. Two more cycles of 33 seconds on the same spot and this constitutes one treatment cycle. 4 rounds of 33 second laser pulses.

Sounds kinda...gimmicky. Hold on...so this thing emits no heat, is about the size of a MAG flashlight.

Doesn't sound very impressive. How helpful can it really be? Ultra sound and the like have been around forever, and every athlete has had it used on them at one point. Ultra sound is pretty mainstream. Why have we not heard of this LASER?

I thought for sure this all was a bunch of you-know-what...But then...I used it - duh! And I tried it out on some of my most stubborn colleagues as well as my meathead buddies and athletes.

Only one person to date that I have witnessed undergo a treatment did not have a noticeable and immediate positive effect. However this same individual had some of the best cumulative results and was completely pain free after his third treatment. Like so many things, you don't really know how you will respond to the laser until you use it.

The only challenge is...the cost. The cheapest 830 Laser is $5,000 bucks. However, many higher end or current rehab centers have at least one of these Lasers. Treatments can range from $25-$45 per 10 minute treatment. Hold on a sec...do you really care how short the treatment time may be if you leave in less pain? Actually, in that case, isn't it better to be in and out quickly?

So, where can you find a clinic that offers 830 Laser treatment? Google it: "what clinics near (your location and zip) offer treatment with 830 Laser?" You should get a return with at least a few choices. Try it - what do you have to lose but the pain?