Essential Information for Seasoned Users of Anabolic Steroids.

     Fellow anabolic steroid users...those of you who have made the choice to use anabolic steroids for various physique purposes, welcome!!!! You are welcome here!!! It doens't matter why you have chosen to use anabolics, or how long you have been using. What does matter is the fact that we all have one thing in common bonding us as Iron Brethren. Some of us have goals of burning fat or gaining muscle just because we love it. Others of us may be contest-dieting. We all love anabolic steroids and we all desire to maximize results while limiting steroid side-effects.

     In our day and age there are many available sources for anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) knowledge. This site is in its infancy. The main purpose is to give you useable knowledge that you can apply right away with respect to your gains and safety. There are gurus who write online with excellent articles on various topics of anabolics. This site is not meant to compete with them. I don't want to waste your time talking about the specific biochemistry of drugs unless it pertains to directly helping you. Although I have a background to understand the hardcore science, I am very aware that most juicers want to know "how", and just a little bit of "why".

     Many sites seem like the guru is a high general, talking down to you while not actually being in the fight. There is no doubt that there are some experts out there with unbelievable talent and understanding of anabolic steroids...who have never done them. I will use scientific jargon when appropriate, and to demonstrate clinical relevance, experience and competency. On this web site, I am your sergeant, and I am fighting the battle with you. After all, I believe the best way to show someone the inner trenches, is not to point, but to get in there and show them how to dig. With respect to applicable knowledge, I am certain that my trench is deeper than most, and it is my desire to share this knowledge in whatever way I can to speed your results, keep you happy, and keep you healthy.

     We have chosen to take the chemical route in order to achieve physiques and strength that the rest of the world can never comprehend, and for reasons that they will never understand. There is a very unique mind set, character- strength, independence, confidence, and self-assurance that comes with making this choice. Our sub-culture is left to fend for itself in many ways and is often the target of heavy discrimination.

     This site will provide you with usable knowledge which will allow you to know more than any physician, author, or proclaimed guru. If you are a seasoned user, this is the site for you. This web site is designed for you, the experienced anabolics user to gain knowledge you have never before been exposed to, in a manner that is revolutionary.

     Unlike most sites, this site will cater specifically to enhancing the knowledge of experienced users for the purpose of retaining and maintaining your health, while helping you make tremendous gains from your chemical enhancement. Everything you find here will pertain to maximizing your anabolic steroid gains, while taking good measure to understand how to keep yourself healthy and minimize side effects. Everything from blood tests, to abscesses, to water retention, to headaches, to skin problems, to sex drive issues, sore shots, liver stress, liver tonics, organ stress (yes anabolics can be toxic to more than just your liver), treating anabolic steroid side-effects, and so much more will eventually be covered on this site.

     Researching anabolics is my passion. I have been doing this for ten years. If ever there was a lab geek that was 5'8'', 225lbs at 9% off-season, and a national qualified bodybuilder in the NPC, its me. I may eventually have personal body part pics on this site, but I am choosing to keep my identity anonymous for academic professional reasons. There are many topics I can help you with. Everything you find on this site will relate to the safe and effective use of anabolic steroids. Many a juiced friend have I helped with various goals from east to west coast. My goal is to earn your trust and help you in any way I can to stay healthy and maximize your gains...the whole time becoming much more educated on the topic of anabolic steroids so you can truly be an expert with your own body. The age of the super intelligent meathead is here!!

     Sports medicine (performance enhancement), endocrinology, sports nutrition, exercise physiology are all part of my previous and up to date obsession with the human body...performance endocrinology is the most interesting to all of us reading this...three to four hours a day of studying various topics for the last few years...countless personal "guinea pig" experiences and trials-you know. Countless friends who have done every combination of everything and also who have encountered various negative effects when they were not careful.

     There are web sites that exist which contain good information on anabolics, we've all seen them. None that address exclusively, the specific lifestyle of juicing. At least, without random protein adds and advertisements for things which have no relevance to juice. There are various internet gurus who have great knowledge, but vested interest in various products which skew their accuracy. Plus, most of them don't even do juice!!!!

     We are here together. This web site is in its infancy and promises to be great. It is with great hope that as this web site grows from its infancy, it becomes your one stop source for information. Thank you for stopping by and please check back often as new topics will be going up weekly. The current pages will also be added to on a weekly basis when needed, with the goal of enhanced (no pun intended) quality of content and spell checking (I hate it when a 'guru' misspells a chemical drug name). Personally, I check spellings of chemical names very diligently and try to keep an easy, clean (well, with respect to spelling at least) read. I do not make spelling mistakes often. However, I will have you know that I was in graduate school for my Sports Medicine and Human Performance Master's degree for a good portion of the beginning of this site, and, often worked on this web site late at night after writing many papers and reading long physiological literature. So I ask you to please consider this should you find misspellings from time to time.

     I will check, back as often as I can to relay information to all of you, as well as keep the spell check going-lol. I will have a newsletter in the upcoming months as well as an email address for us to communicate. When that time comes I will rely on your all for input on topics of interest, and helping me with keeping everything on the site in working order (including notifying me of typos). Alright already! Enough for now, lets get to the cool stuff...

     So blend up that whey protein shake, pull up a comfortable chair, rub that aching shoulder and sore glute, and take your two pink Thailand pills. Make sure you have some simple carbs ready if you just took some humulin-R or humalog (if you don't know what these are you must keep reading).

Prepare for a wild and intense ride.

Disclaimer: This site will have absolutely nothing to do with obtaining illegal drugs or any references toward breaking the law whatsoever. All content is for informational purposes only, and is for entertainment. This site was created with the liberalist attitude similar to school programs which acknowledge that some kids will choose to have sex no matter what they are told. Kids will always have sex, if they so choose. They will find a way. Abstinence doesn't work. Scare tactics don't work. People will always use anabolic steroids. The numbers are growing everyday. Therefore, all who choose to make their own adult decisions regarding these drugs will have entertaining and informative content dealing with anabolic steroids, and will learn how to prevent much of the side effects that occur with usage of these drugs while maximizing the benefits. Good luck and remember, your choices have consequences.

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